From One Supervisor to Another, Let's Talk About Delegation

By Brandie Nabors, Assistant Director of Marketing

Supervisory Delegation

As supervisors, we’ve all been there at one time or another. If we’re being honest, some of us live there on a daily basis. How many times have you thought, “It will take me longer to ask for it than to do it myself,” or “If I want it done right…” I’m willing to bet you can finish that sentence! You know why? Here I stand, guilty as charged. But really, who benefits from this sense of ownership, unwillingness or apprehension to delegate?

Fact is, it WILL take longer to delegate the task, and most certainly, it won’t be done as well as you would’ve done it. Initially, that is. As we become more intentional in our efforts to delegate to our team members, not only will we become more productive but just think of the experience they’ll gain when given the opportunity to learn and grow professionally. Sounds like a win, win. So, how do we get there?

According to a recent article on, "Delegation, And How To Be A Better, Happier Manager," every member of the team has to know what their responsibilities are - feedback is key and opportunities for professional growth are essential. It’s our responsibility as managers to be sure our team members fully know and understand their job responsibilities and only with that understanding will they realize their true contribution to the team’s success. Regular two-way communication and feedback is key so our team members know how well they’re fulfilling their responsibilities – a thirty minute performance review at the end of the year simply won’t cut it. Clearly defining responsibilities and providing regular and consistent feedback will lead to change and improvement – professional growth, empowerment.

As leaders, we have a wealth of responsibility tied to budgets and productivity, a revolving door of needs and deadlines. Let’s not underestimate the importance of delegating and developing our individual team members.

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About the Author

Brandie Nabors joined the The University of Alabama College of Continuing Studies in 2004, during which time she's served in progressively responsible supervisory positions in the areas of program management and marketing. Brandie is currently Assistant Director of Marketing and leads an eight-member team responsible for marketing all programs offered in non-credit departments and college-wide special initiatives. She earned a B.S. degree from Mississippi State University and M.S. degree from The University of Alabama.

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