Not all online programming is created the same! Our offerings certainly allow for flexibility in learning yet also go beyond talking lecture to providing dynamic, highly interactive and illustrative learning experiences.

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Certified in Production and Inventory Management

(CPIM), is recognized worldwide as the measurement criterion for professional competence in manufacturing and distribution planning and control. In the CPIM program, participants learn to improve all functional areas of the enterprise. Employees build their skills and knowledge in materials management, while companies build leadership and increase profitability.

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Certified Professional in Supply Management

The CPSM® is recognized globally and identifies Supply Management Professionals around the world. The CPSM® is the professional credential that leads you into the decision-maker role and compels you to generate strategic solutions. You will have the capacity to effectively manage projects, whether you work in the non-manufacturing or manufacturing sector. The emphasis that CPSM® places on Supply Chain Integration is what allows you to continually evolve in the rapidly changing area of supply management.

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Supervision for Success

Supervision for Success takes a practical and actionable approach to provide the answers to not only address these challenges, but to conquer them. Navigating changing roles, expectations and performance demands are addressed in the context of the personal, interpersonal and organizational dynamics that supervisors live day-to-day. You will be equipped with relevant knowledge and awareness that will improve personal and team productivity, all the while strengthening the team and its contributions to the overall organization.

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BERTHA - Behavioral Risk Threat Assessment

BERTHA is an online training program that functions as part of a school's overall School Violence Prevention Program. With the Behavioral Risk Threat Assessment (BERTHA) process implemented, schools will be able to recognize, and more importantly, respond to early warning signs related to 'behaviors of concern' that won't yet fall into the classification of school violence.

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Crimson Lean Six Sigma

The University of Alabama’s Crimson Lean Six Sigma programs allow organizations to vastly improve their financial positions by designing and monitoring everyday business activities in ways that minimize waste and resources while increasing customer satisfaction.

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