From our historic and beautiful campus to communities across the State of Alabama, we are committed to providing an action-learning environment which enriches the overall experience.

Our Workshops

We are all about Leadership, Talent & Business - and transferring our knowledge and experiences to participants through providing best practices in applied action-learning methods.

Directing Others Toward Results

The Directing Others Toward Results workshop is facilitated using multiple classroom learning methods and micro-bursts of knowledge transfer to take a meaningful and actionable approach in providing leaders with relevant knowledge to improve personal and team performance. In this high energy workshop, Talent Managers will master the skills of creating curiosity within employees and empowering teams to work through challenges in support of organizational strategy.

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Developing Project Management Skills

This three-day, results-oriented, “roll up your sleeves” workshop will introduce you to the quality-drive philosophies and tools that contribute to enhancing the project team’s participation and productivity.

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Advanced Project Management with Simulation

This workshop picks up where other traditional project management courses leave off. Participants learn to monitor a project using SimulTrain®, software that provides a simulation for planning and executing phases of a project.

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