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High performance companies face different day-to-day challenges but share a strategic secret: they succeed by creating a thriving culture of total quality service. The delivery of excellent service must be viewed as a way of life within an organization, not an add-on to the employee’s job responsibilities. This means engraining it into the culture of the organization so that it becomes known that “service excellence” is simply business as usual. It starts with identifying the higher purpose of the organization and identifying the employee behaviors to consistently achieve that higher purpose. It also means looking at the systems and processes in place to sustain a culture of service excellence and the leadership actions that are necessary to ensure they stay in place.

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Workshop Outline

Title Overview
Day 1
  • Top Reasons Why Customers Leave a Business

  • What Creates Loyal Clients

  • What is "Inculturation"?

  • Importance of Teamwork

  • Four Critical Elements to Create an Ideal Customer Experience

Workshop Leads

Teri Yanovitch

Teri Yanovitch

Teri Yanovitch is a speaker, author, facilitator and consultant. Her passion is helping organizations create a CULTURE of Service Excellence. 

Previously as a keynote speaker with the Disney Institute, she shared exemplary practices of customer service with organizations world-wide. For more than a decade she facilitated cultural change as an executive with the company that revolutionized total quality management, Philip Crosby Associates. And for the first five years of her career, she trained hundreds of leaders and frontline staff of the Hertz Corporation in the value of the customer experience.

In 1991, she began her own firm, T.A.Yanovitch, Inc. Over the years, Teri has helped many diverse organizations such as AAA, Marriott, Ernst & Young, Subway, Florida Public Utilities, Chesapeake Utilities, America’s Blood Centers, Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise, First Citizens Banks and many others to share her combined experience and knowledge of how to offer a customer experience that delights and differentiates one from the competition.

Her highly acclaimed book Unleashing Excellence – The Complete Guide to Ultimate Customer Service is the culmination of years of experience in the field and serves as a guidebook to leaders of organizations that are looking to create a culture of service excellence and quality.

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