Workplace conflict resolution

Workshop Overview

A flexible and impactful half-day learning workshop, this seminar is the most cost-effective way to empower your employees to handle the challenges of today's intensely interdependent workplace. They will learn how to use a simple yet powerful communication tool — "Self Mediation" — to manage the differences that impair teamwork, quality, decision-making and cooperation throughout your organization. But more than just a training seminar, this practical program contains resources for changing organizational culture, surgically altering the norms that so often cause obstructive behavior and replacing them with constructive, positive behaviors. This seminar puts the tools of the professional mediator in the hands of every employee to build better workplace relationships. It is an essential component of every successful organization’s HRD and OD strategic effort. Thousands of people have learned this practical tool for the prevention and early resolution of workplace conflict.

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Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for any employee who works interdependently with others — bosses, subordinates, and peers.


Workshop Outline

Title Overview
Day 1
  • Levels of Workplace Conflict and Assessment

  • Reflexive Behaviors and the Retaliatory Cycle

  • The Keys to Resolving Conflict: Dialogue, Cooperation and Persuasion

  • Conciliatory Gestures: Recognizing the Opportunity to Resolve Conflict

  • Resources for Changing Organizational Culture

  • How to Build Better Workplace Relationships

Workshop Leads

Shanna Ullmann

Shanna Ullmann

SHANNA ULLMANN is the founding partner of PBC Professional Development Consultants, offering specialized consulting and training programs empowering clients to be more successful in all aspects of their business engagements. She has worked with a wide range of professionals teaching them the art and practice of effective interactions and communications with clients and between colleagues. Ms. Ullmann has over 20 years of hands-on human relations, executive education and corporate training experience advising business leaders, universities, the US military and US Federal government organizations on Leadership Development, Cross Cultural Communications, Professional Etiquette and Protocol, Business Communications, Mediation and Workplace Conflict Resolution. Ms. Ullmann is a graduate of the Protocol School of Washington in Washington, DC, and is certified as a master trainer in Business Communications, Professional Business Etiquette and Protocol, and International Protocol. In addition, Ms. Ullmann holds certification as a Cross-Cultural specialist through the Interchange Institute in Cambridge, MA. She is also a certified Workplace Conflict Resolution trainer through Mediation Training Institute International, as well as holding triple certification as a Professional Mediator in Workplace Conflict through Mediation Training Institute International, the Pulse Institute of Canada, and the Justice Center of Atlanta. Ms. Ullmann holds a degree in Commerce and Business Administration/Human Resources Management from the University of Alabama.

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