Five Reasons to attend Bama at Work’s Six Sigma Courses

By Bama at Work

Six Sigma DMAIC Chart

No matter how solid your organization is, there are going to be projects that will stump your team and confuse the process along the way to completion. Your team can prove their resilience with intentional training through Crimson Lean Six Sigma. These courses, led by Michael R. Sullivan, are our latest offerings in the Six Sigma series.

Here are five reasons you and your team should attend:

  1. Develop a solid understanding of the how and why behind Lean Six Sigma.
  2. Become proficient with all basic analytical tools necessary to D-M-A-I-C Lean Six Sigma improvement projects.
  3. Learn how to magnify your analytical skills to impact your team’s ability to work together and tackle project management.
  4. Grow your ability to manage projects and lead your team to success.
  5. Turn your skills into bottom-line results with return on investment (ROI).

Crimson Lean Six Sigma is a blended learning course, incorporating online classes with a three-day intensive, in-person experience. The workshop fee includes 3.5 hours of private coaching, a practice exam to prepare you for certification and an online final certification exam.

To find out more and register, visit or call (205) 348-3000. Questions? Contact Brenda Truelove at (205) 348-9066.

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