How Will You Be Remembered?

By Antoine Bell

Have you ever been asked, “When you are gone, how would you like to be remembered?” I’ve pondered that question in each aspect of my life, both professionally and personally.

In management, that important question needs an answer, an honest answer. If you get hit by a bus tomorrow, how will your staff remember you? Will they miss you and mourn your loss? Will you be remembered for how great you were as a leader? Will they tell fond stories of your exploits as a leader? Will they, as human beings have a tendency to do, compare the next person to fill your shoes to you? Will there be smiles when they remember you? Will you have left behind a memorable legacy? Do you care?  These are some points to ponder over morning coffee.

There are many types of leaders. There are those that are great at delegating. There are the “if I don’t do it, it won’t get done right” types. There are the generals who sit on the hill and watch the battle, while the contrasting type of leader mounts up and proclaims “follow me!” to their staff. There are the managers who are driven by the bottom line, while there are others who like to develop their staffs as well as getting the job done.  There are those managers who are compassionate and understanding, realizing that their staff is human with all types of problems outside of the workplace that could affect their productivity. Then, there are those who could care less about the life of the staff outside of the work hours. Some leaders function better if they are liked and respected by the people that report to them, while others prefer to be loathed and feared.

So what’s your style?  What’s your preference?  What does your staff need from you to make them be the best they can be? What does your organization need from you in order for it to thrive? How was your leadership style shaped? Does it need to change?

Answering these questions can shape the legacy of a manager or even a CEO. Not only will the legacy of the individual be affected, but perhaps even the future of the organization.

So, how will you be remembered…when you’re gone?

About the Author

Antoine Bell serves as the Manager of Business Development and College Relations for the College of Continuing Studies. Prior to joining the UA family in 2015, Bell enjoyed a successful career in journalism and Athletics Administration.

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