Leadership in the Next Generation

By Madison Bearden

Leadership Paths

To become a successful leader, as a member of any generation, you must understand what being a leader really means to you and the responsibility it entails. A good leader is influential and can be held accountable. He or she is someone who can transform ideas into reality. A good leader is also deeply passionate about how they can continue to grow as a leader and improve their team to be the best they can be. We have heard it all before – “The Top 12 Styles of Leadership,” the “6 Ways to be a Successful Leader,” etc. Successful leaders can possess many different styles, strategies and approaches. You might have learned about these styles and tips from reading online articles or from various leadership courses, but how you implement these strategies within your own team determines if you become a successful leader.

Yes, the different leadership styles you have learned in the past and will learn in the future will give you the ability to be a good leader, but what skill will allow you to continue to be successful facing the increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity in this new world we live in? That skill is agility.

One factor that many people forget to consider is the ability to deal with the ever-changing and evolving world. It is obvious as we move into the next generation, businesses, managers and leaders must continue to adapt to the changes brought on by technological change, competition, market change, economic downtown, etc.

Now you are wondering, how do I become an agile leader? What does leadership agility look like?

An agile leader is someone who has a deep sense of purpose and is a creative and innovative thinker. This person must possess the proficiency to change and evolve the organization, as well as anticipate and adapt by acting quickly and making decisions. Learning to be an agile and effective leader will set you apart and allow you to succeed in a fast-moving world. 

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About the Author

Madison Bearden is a Culverhouse College of Commerce business major and a frequent blogger for the College of Continuing Studies at The University of Alabama.

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