From our historic and beautiful campus to communities across the State of Alabama, we are committed to providing an action-learning environment which enriches the overall experience.

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We are all about Leadership, Talent & Business - and transferring our knowledge and experiences to participants through providing best practices in applied action-learning methods.

Problem Solving and People Solving: Learning to Lead

Faced with repeating, entrenched and complex personal and technically complex events, managers must constantly wrestle with the on-the ground challenges that define their working environment. Critical to the study of management, these challenges are most often likely to emerge in highly resource-constrained contexts – there just isn’t enough to go around – and managers have to dig deep to solve all of the problems that emerge and reemerge, and that define professional success and failure. Where does the juice to solve these problems come from? The only place that the power to be great comes from – the only place it will ever or could ever come from – is from you, and only you. The magic – the power – comes from you.

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Advanced Project Management with Simulation

This workshop picks up where other traditional project management courses leave off. Participants learn to monitor a project using SimulTrain®, software that provides a simulation for planning and executing phases of a project.

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Customer Experience | Leading Without Limits

From hiring and developing the best team to rewarding excellent service, customer service culture begins with leadership. This workshop will create a positive work environment, decrease turnover and deliver the results of true customer service excellence.

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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is essential for today’s business professional – no matter the size, scope or sector in which they operate. Business professionals must understand the assimilation of strategy into action and its overall impact on organizational results. This workshop offers this multidimensional perspective.

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Communication is the foundation on which successful careers are built and a crucial component of lasting success. Whether it’s a face-to-face conversation or an e-mail exchange, a professional message involves establishing a connection that leaves a positive impression. This workshop will help you develop a truly engaging and responsive communication style, leading to positive results for you and your organization.

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Project Management | Leading Without Limits

Despite this reality, managing a project is the only way to bring people and resources from across the organization together for any hope of successful execution to impact the business. Managing Projects without Projects Managing You is designed for anyone in business – from the mail room to the board room – who may be called upon to lead or contribute to a project that impacts the business (and inevitably your career).

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Social Media Marketing

Learn how to make social media strategy work best for you and your business by learning the core functions of social media: monitor, amplify, respond and lead. You'll develop a strategy that works best for your marketing goals and is conscious of your time and budget.

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The Process for Team Engagement

Teams perform at a higher level when they engage with a consistent process. Adopting that process requires an understanding buy-in for why you must have it and how to implement it for positive results. In this workshop — led by former University of Alabama football player Brandon Gibson, MA — we will investigate the five pillars of the team engagement process. After taking a deep dive into the process and learning how to apply it at work, your team will be better prepared to achieve results together.

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Project Management - Jump Start

The Project Management Jump Start workshop will provide a foundational knowledge of project management – equipping employees at all levels to identify projects that make the greatest contribution to the organization’s business strategy, to execute projects faster, within budget and with less risk.

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Social Media Marketing | Leading Without Limits

Social Media is an integral part of the day-to-day operations of businesses, small and large. When used strategically, social media channels can provide, at a large-scale, opportunities to reach and engage with customers, strengthen relationships, increase customer growth, build and grow community relationships, generate leads, and increase brand recognition.

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