From our historic and beautiful campus to communities across the State of Alabama, we are committed to providing an action-learning environment which enriches the overall experience.

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We are all about Leadership, Talent & Business - and transferring our knowledge and experiences to participants through providing best practices in applied action-learning methods.

Supervision: Knocking on the Door to Supervisory Success

Supervision: Knocking on the Door to Supervisory Success, a two-day instructor-led classroom program, takes a practical and actionable approach to provide the answers to address these challenges. Navigating changing roles, expectations and performance demands are addressed in the context of the personal, interpersonal and organizational dynamics that group leaders live day-to-day.

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Leadership of Leaders

In developing effective leaders in today’s rapidly changing world, ongoing feedback is critical to a leader’s long-term success. The Leaders of Leaders Program is an engaging, world-class learning experience that focuses on providing leaders with an understanding of what it takes to lead successful organizations in the 21st century. Heightened self-awareness helps leaders leverage their natural strengths and helps them find ways to address their developmental areas in a positive, productive way. In this highly interactive, feedback-intensive 3 ½ Day program, participants are immersed in a powerful workshop that focuses on building a keen understanding of the individual’s leadership strengths and developmental opportunities. The workshop also includes feedback on behavioral preferences and thinking styles illustrated by the completion of and feedback on multiple psychometric assessment instruments.

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Resolving Workplace Conflict

Demographic and economic changes now require that managers not only negotiate with their staff, but help them negotiate with each other. Current trends toward downsizing, flatter hierarchies, teams, quality and multiple responsibilities are intensifying the interdependency between employees. This workshop puts the tools of the professional mediator into the hands of your leaders to build better workplace relationships, enhance performance, improve productivity and cut the unnecessary financial costs of workplace conflict.

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Problem Solving and People Solving: Learning to Lead

Faced with repeating, entrenched and complex personal and technically complex events, managers must constantly wrestle with the on-the ground challenges that define their working environment. Critical to the study of management, these challenges are most often likely to emerge in highly resource-constrained contexts – there just isn’t enough to go around – and managers have to dig deep to solve all of the problems that emerge and reemerge, and that define professional success and failure. Where does the juice to solve these problems come from? The only place that the power to be great comes from – the only place it will ever or could ever come from – is from you, and only you. The magic – the power – comes from you.

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Social Media Marketing: Get Social with Your Business

Learn how to make social media strategy work best for you and your business by learning the core functions of social media: monitor, amplify, respond and lead. You'll develop a strategy that works best for your marketing goals and is conscious of your time and budget.

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Supervision I - Essential Skills

Truly, times have changed for those who lead others, yet the solutions in dealing with such changes can be found in the fundamental principles of basic supervision - the roles, skills and functions required of supervisor. This workshop is designed to help individuals build competencies in basic supervision practices. It works to define supervision, explains the competencies required of supervisors, and describes the supervisor's position from an operational perspective.

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Supervision Part II - Modern Day Challenges

This workshop moves beyond the attainment of up-to-date supervisory skills to applying such skills while facing the daunting organizational challenges of the 21st century. It provides an overview of today’s organizations, issues affecting organizations, and ways that modern supervisors in organizations are responding strategically. This workshop also focuses on emerging new directions for supervision, the future of supervision, and ways to prepare for and act in the future.

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