customer Service: Creating the "Wow" Experience

Workshop Overview

Successful companies know that creating an excellent customer service culture within the organization is vital for sustainability and growth. “WOW-ing” the customer must be viewed as a way of life within an organization so that excellent customer service is ingrained in the mission. From hiring and developing the best team to rewarding excellent service, customer service culture begins with leadership. This workshop will create a positive work environment, decrease turnover and deliver the results of true customer service excellence.

Available Dates:

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Workshop Outline

Title Overview
Day 1
  • What’s your Customer Service Culture? Identifying what customer service looks like in your organization.

  • Hiring and developing the best team.

  • Making a lasting, positive first impression on customers.

  • Encouraging and leading the “WOW” customer service experience.

  • The importance of staying actively engaged. The power of listening.

  • The impact of a positive work environment. The true cost of turnover.

  • Rewarding and recognizing excellent service.

Workshop Leads

Elizabeth Lary

Elizabeth Lary

Elizabeth Lary is a consummate team builder, proven leader and skilled problem solver with a passion for connecting people and helping organizations succeed. She has more than two decades of experience in sales, human resources, fundraising, event planning and program management.

Ms. Lary is currently the administrative coordinator of clinical services at the University Medical Center on The University of Alabama’s Tuscaloosa campus where she leads a team of 24 admission staff members. In this role, she is responsible for training staff to provide efficient and excellent customer service to medical center patients while fostering a collaborative team environment.