Dream Team:

Building Your Company's Culture

Workshop Overview

This workshop is a dynamic half-day program designed to help leaders maximize their team results by learning the ingredients of building a high performance team. Led by Curtis D. Curry, Ph.D., who has helped tens of thousands of leaders around the world develop world-class leadership skills, participants will discover effective ways to build and lead a high performance team, identify team strengths and areas that may be inhibiting team effectiveness, align mission, goals, and values and discover opportunities to leverage differences to achieve peak performance. Building a high performance team starts with effective leadership, and effective leadership begins with self-awareness. The workshop will focus on heightening the leaders’ self-awareness while also tapping into the powerful front-line experiences of the participants.

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Workshop Outline

Title Overview
Day 1
  • Learn the Key Elements for Building a High-Performance Team

  • Improve Teamwork by Avoiding the Fatal “5 Dysfunctions”

  • Translating Plans into Actions: Organizing

  • Describe Four Ways to Cultivate Trust with Employees

  • Improve Communication Skills with a Focus on Listening and Learning to Use Fact-Based Behavioral Feedback

Workshop Leads

Curtis D. Curry

Curtis D. Curry, MA, MBA, PhD

President of Quality Learning International, Curtis D. Curry has over 25 years of leadership experience working with global organizations in the human and organizational performance improvement field. His experience includes consulting with companies in the areas of organizational change, global leadership, communicating across cultures, teambuilding, leading global teams, creating high-potential leadership programs and providing one-on-one coaching for leaders around the globe. In addition to his consulting work with businesses, he has spearheaded the development of more than 150 courses and workshops. 

Curry has trained over 40,000 leaders and individual contributors from dozens of organizations including Honeywell Aerospace, Harris, United Space Alliance, Ricoh, Roche Diagnóstica do Brasil, BHP Chile, AT&T, Coca Cola, Disney, Tupperware, New Piper Aircraft, Kraft Brazil, Heinz, Colgate, Peabody Energy and Anadarko. He speaks Spanish (has taught more than 50 leadership workshops in Spanish), Portguese and French. He has facilitated leadership development programs in North America, Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America.

Coming Soon!

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