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Kaizen Leader

Workshop Overview

The online Kaizen Leader course is a stand-alone, open-entry online course designed for foundational learning and knowledge extension. Develop skills needed to effectively plan and lead a Kaizen Event, i.e., a series of process improvement activities intended to extend over a period of 3-5 days. The course provides a flexible framework for planning, executing and reporting Kaizen activities. Course content includes essential lean tools and techniques to identify and eliminate process waste including: value stream mapping, continuous flow, takt time, kaizen, line balancing, quick changeover, and 5-S, among others. 

This instructor-supported course is approximately 22 hours long, and participants have access to the material for 365 days. The course consists of six sessions, each of which is a collection of related lessons, covering Kaizen activities structured in a 5-day Kaizen framework. Individual lessons include simulations, toolsets and interactive practice sessions. Each session ends with an interactive quiz to test your knowledge.

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Who Should Attend


  • Who desire to seek information and practice the principles of continuous improvement and team leadership

  • Who desire to learn and develop skills and tools to effectively plan and lead a Kaizen event

  • Whose organizations want to define and drive waste reduction efforts

What you'll Learn

  • Skills and tools needed to effectively plan and lead a Kaizen event

  •  Challenged through interactive exercises, varied examples, session quizzes and rigorous practice exercises to grow their knowledge and build skills toward leading a successful Kaizen event.

Workshop Outline


Session Overview
Session 1

Overview of Kaizen and Kaizen Leadership, Lean Methods, background, and integration of Lean within the Six Sigma improvement process (DMAIC)

Session 2 Pre-Event Planning, including lessons on team formation and dynamics, as well as keys to successful project execution
Session 3

Lessons on how to develop and apply specific Lean tools and methods to describe the current state of the process under study

Session 4

Tools and techniques to identify root causes of process problems and possible solutions

Session 5 Principles and possible tools for implementing change(s)
Session 6

Lessons on closing out the project and locking in gains

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