Professionally Speaking

Empowering professionals to craft engaging presentations and deliver them with confidence!

Workshop Overview

Executive and management professionals display their leadership skills and business acumen in many ways. There is one skill set, however, that is often overlooked, but when mastered has the ability to increase one’s perceived credibility, success, and career advancement. This one-day interactive workshop will equip you with expert techniques for public speaking and presentation management. Through highly interactive sessions, you will learn how to craft effective messages for a variety of audiences, cultivate dynamic delivery, and calm public speaking anxiety.  Participants will have an opportunity to apply newly learned skills with practice in a dynamic environment followed by immediate feedback by experts in the field. 

  • Available Dates:
    • Coming soon! - Bryant Conference Center, Tuscaloosa, AL
  • Pricing:
    • Early Bird - $248
    • Standard - $275
    • UA Employee - $193 (Call 348-3000)
    • For additional pricing and discounts, visit the registration page.

Who Should Attend

Are you a professional who regularly networks or has the opportunity to present informative or persuasive presentations to a variety of client/organizational audiences?  If so, the Professionally Speaking Workshop was designed with you in mind. Whether you give product information to customers, or are tasked with sharing information to internal audiences, maximizing your communication opportunities is a vital function of effective leadership. During the workshop, participants will walk through the steps to develop and present a product/service pitch, an elevator pitch, and an introduction to a presentation they would most likely give.


What you'll Learn

  • Craft strategic and engaging messages
  • Cultivate dynamic delivery through body language and use of visual aids
  • Calm public speaking anxiety
  • Constructively give and receive presentation feedback; and
  • Create a personal and product oriented pitch to achieve your goals

Workshop Outline

Day Title Overview
Crafting a Message Strategic Preparation Creating an effective message begins with strategic preparation. Begin with focusing on the key questions to assist in this process.
Cultivate Delivery Practice makes better, not perfect. Cultivating dynamic delivery takes lots of practice and includes being comfortable with the material itself combined with effective use of gestures, facial expression, and vocal variety. Participants will learn strategies for avoiding typical presentation pitfalls.
Calming Anxiety Practice is key to overcoming anxiety.  Participants will learn strategies for how not to get rid of “butterflies”, but instead, how to teach them to fly in formation. Participants will be given management strategy tips to employ before the presentation, during the presentation, and for use in fielding questions.
Elevator Pitches First Impressions First impressions are created by how one is able to describe themselves and their current role—who you are?
Constructive Feedback Participants will experience group work with their peers by giving and receiving presentation feedback.
Prepared Pitch

Having a prepared pitch with a clear, concise message about who you are and what you do, ready to deliver at a moment’s notice, is what separates successful professionals from their peers. Participants will learn to prepare and craft an effective elevator pitch for themselves and their product or service.

Unique workshop offerings

  • Action-learning activities for individuals via group work in crafting, delivering and receiving feedback on a personal message pitch for a product or service.

  • Use of the Speaker’s Diamond to create a conversational approach to the presentation. 

  • Additional opportunities for private coaching sessions at The Speaking Studio.  One or two hour coaching sessions with Dr. Alexa Chilcutt or Dr. Adam Brooks or other studio staff.

  • Approved for 6 hours of Behavioral CPE by the Alabama State Board of Public Accountancy.

Workshop Leads

Dr. Alexa Chilcutt

Dr. Alexa S. Chilcutt, Associate Professor/Director of the Public Speaking Program, Department of Communication Studies, The University of Alabama  

DR. ALEXA S. CHILCUTT is an expert in the areas of public speaking, professionalism and impression management as well as leadership and team dynamics. She is the assistant director of the Public Speaking Program at UA and provides staff development programs for the university’s College of Continuing Studies as well as seminars for individuals and managerial groups in the private sector. Chilcutt has a doctorate in mass communication and a M.A. in public relations and advertising.

Dr. Adam Brooks

Dr. Adam S. Brooks, Assistant Professor/Director of the Public Speaking Program, Department of Communication Studies, The University of Alabama

DR. ADAM S. BROOKS is a nationally renowned public speaker with a Ph.D. in communication and information sciences, an M.A. in communication studies, and a background in public relations. His research focuses on rhetoric in the areas or diversity, identity and cultural studies. As the current director of the Public Speaking Program at The University of Alabama, Brooks oversees the Speaking Studio with a mission to help clients clarify and craft effective messages, cultivate dynamic delivery, and calm public speaking anxiety. Over the course of his career, Brooks has coached numerous public speakers to national acclaim and is an expert in the areas of diversity and communication, public speaking delivery, popular culture, and mass communication.


Delivered by expert faculty from The University of Alabama College of Communication, this program will draw motivated, high-achieving professionals looking to improve their speaking and presenting skills. Geared towards the business world, this is an excellent venue to share your products or services with an upwardly mobile professional audience. We’re offering several sponsorship packages designed to get your business the most exposure possible.

For details, contact Brenda Truelove, program manager, at or 205-348-9066.