Certified Professional in Supply Management

Workshop Overview

In a dynamic e-Learning format, this workshop will prepare participants to sit for certification testing in each of the three CPSM® modules. The content in this program is a blend of CPSM® key points combined with numerous practice exam questions. The CPSM® is recognized globally and identifies Supply Management professionals around the world. The CPSM® is the professional credential that leads one into the decision-maker role and compels one to generate strategic solutions within this business functionality. Participants will gain knowledge and the capacity to effectively manage projects, whether in the non-manufacturing or manufacturing sector. The emphasis that CPSM® places on Supply Chain Integration is what allows Supply Management professionals to continually evolve in the rapidly changing area of supply management. To qualify for the CPSM®, in addition to passing each of the three exams, the participant must have a four-year degree with three years of work experience or five years’ work experience without a degree. 

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Who Should Attend

Professionals working in the positions of Supply Manager, Procurement Specialist, Purchasing Agent, Buyer or Contract Specialist (or any other named position that works with suppliers and procures goods and/or services). 

What you'll Learn

  • Module 1 – Foundation of Supply Management
    • Understanding Contracting and Negotiation
    • Performing Cost Modeling
    • Exploring International Sourcing
    • Engaging in Social Responsibility (Ethics, Environmental and Safety)
    • Sourcing the Right Suppliers
    • Cultivating good Supplier Relationship Management
  • Module 2 – Effective Supply Management Performance
    • Understanding and Applying Forecasting
    • Implementing Logistics
    • Applying Inventory and Materials Management
    • Assessing the SM Departmental Performance
    • Planning for Technology
    • Supporting Product/Service Development
    • Utilizing Project Management
    • Incorporating Supplier Quality
  • Module 3 – Leadership in Supply Management 
    • Engaging in Good Leadership
    • Managing Risk in the Supply Chain
    • Implementing Strategic Sourcing


Workshop Outline

This is a 100% online program to prepare participants to sit and potentially pass the three CPSM® exams.  Each module is approximately 30 hours of online study for a total of 90 hours for the entire CPSM® program. The multidimensional expertise demanded by this program provides a macro perspective of strategic sourcing, cultural awareness, risk and compliance issues, organizational global strategy, logistics and social responsibility.  Knowledge in areas such as finance and benchmarking of global suppliers is also covered in this program.  The integrated skill set required to reach the professional designation in areas like commodity management, supplier diversity and supplier relationship management will drive value in every link in the supply chain.

This program will incorporate key educational points (CPSM® Alerts), case studies, simulated exam questions with both question and answer methodologies and comprehensive reviews to prepare participants to sit and pass the exams.   At the end of each of three modules, participants will be presented with a comprehensive, simulated exam to gauge preparedness for the actual exam.

Unique workshop offerings

As opposed to a tradition program where participants must be present in a classroom for a set day and time and incur the cost of travel, this program can be done any time in the convenience of one’s home or office. With a strong focus on the exam(s) and how to be a good test taker, the average pass rate is approximately 85% which is 20 percentage points higher than the global average of competing review programs offered elsewhere in the marketplace.

Workshop Leads

Patrick S. Woods

Patrick S. Woods, CPSM, CPSD, C.P.M., CPIM

PATRICK S. WOODS has for the past 30 years had the phenomenal opportunity to work with over 300 companies in the U.S., Asia, Netherlands, Middle East, Africa, Central America, Former Soviet Union and upcoming, Colombia-Latin America in various facets of Supply Chain Management, including training, certifications and consulting solutions. For the past 20 years, Patrick has led and presented C.P.M. and CPSM review training for both corporations and ISM/APICS’ affiliates, resulting in numerous participants achieving certification status and is also the GLOBAL BEST PRACTICES (GBP) Chair for ISM-Dallas. He previously held the role of Professional Development Chair for NAPM-National Association of Purchasing Management (the forerunner of ISM) and had responsibility for seven Southeastern U.S. states and Puerto Rico. Patrick has worked with major corporations such as Alcatel, Boeing, Fujitsu, Halliburton, Ingersoll-Rand, Atlas Copco, Verizon and Pertomina in the areas of supply chain and materials management, traveling extensively in Asia and the former Soviet Union. He has also founded the current on-line learning initiative that has been a huge success with such companies as Halliburton, Ingersoll-Rand, Atlas-Copco and Verizon, resulting in both a U.S. and world-wide roll-out with approximately 2,000 participants, primarily in the areas of C.P.M, CPSM, CPIM and Six-Sigma. He has a degree in Industrial Management from the University of Alabama, with a minor in Economics.

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