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Directing others toward results

Mastering the Art of Supervision

Workshop Overview

In an organization, who is responsible for translating organizational strategy into the minds, hands and feet of the workers who deliver products and services to the customer? Supervisors!

Supervision for Success takes a practical and actionable approach to provide the answers to not only address these challenges, but to conquer them. Navigating changing roles, expectations and performance demands are addressed in the context of the personal, interpersonal and organizational dynamics that supervisors live day-to-day. You will be equipped with relevant knowledge and awareness that will improve personal and team productivity, all the while strengthening the team and its contributions to the overall organization.

Available Dates:

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Who Should Attend

Those who  have recently been promoted, have not been formally trained as supervisors, or are interested in building their competencies in supervisory leadership.


What you'll Learn

  • Supervisor Realities
  • The Multiple Roles of a Supervisor
    • Planning, Organizing, Leading, Controlling, Motivating and Measuring
  • Supervision – the Model for Success
    • External Change 
    • Internal Change
    • Organizing & Planning
    • People & Process
    • Implementation of Plans
    • Direct & Develop Others
    • Leading for Results
    • Measuring, Evaluating & Change
  • Three Spheres of Supervision Skills
    • Personal - Beginning with Self
    • Interpersonal - Results with Others
    • Organizational - Putting it all Together
  • Now What?
    • Customized strategy and change plan for back-at-work action

Unique workshop offerings

  • Personal Work-Style Assessment
  • Organizational Realities Assessment
  • Discussion and learning with role plays, case studies, movie clips and “I bet you’ve never heard this one” activity
  • Action Step Journal – Making it all happen back-at-work
  • Action-learning activities are utilized in each program day delivery as Supervisors work their way through learning and designing on-the-job plans for application.

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